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Why Incra?

Incra was founded to enable a closer relationship with our family business clients. We believe in real facts, real results…

After many years in professional practice working with business owners all over Australia we became convinced that big end of town service to small and medium business was lacking.

Our promise:

1. We apply a genuine interest in you and your business

2. We are set to develop people, which is as much about developing you and your people as our team. 

3. We are committed to meet with our clients regularly to maintain a connection and provide support needed at the time. 

4. We understand and appreciate the head-winds of business, having started a career in a small family business experiencing disruption and real life struggle of keeping a business alive.

5. We don’t believe in pretty pictures, we apply a drill down and audit approach to our work. Real facts, real results….  

What’s with the name?

Incra is all about growth.

Incra is derived from the Latin word “incrementum” meaning growth. This aligns with the clients we work with who are in a more advanced stage of business, pursuing growth.

The incremental concept sits well with us, as we believe that growth needs to be planned and executed in a sustainable manner to ensure long term success.

Curious why family businesses from $3m – $100m in all corners of Australia trust Incra Group for advisory services and tax compliance?

Get in touch for a chat about your business and find out for yourself.

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