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Tax advice for business

You can trust Incra Group to Reduce Your Business Taxes in 2021

Scores of family businesses across the country trust Incra Group to manage their tax affairs.  Many of them are in industrial, manufacturing and related sectors.   That’s where we add the most value by helping you reduce the range and amount of taxes you pay.  Frankly, our advice and services pay for themselves.

How Incra Group can legally minimise your company’s tax burden 

Pragmatism, creativity and intuition aren’t usually put in the same sentence as ‘accountant’ – but for Incra they’re defining words that drive our relentless efforts to understand your business then connect the dots for tax savings.

Here are a few taxes we can almost always help you reduce (particularly if you’re a family-owned business in a manufacturing or industrial sector).

Do you love Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)? Thought not.

FBT is no-one’s friend, but Incra Group clients love the way Incra brings proactive strategies that reduce your FBT liability year after year.  

Already worried you’re getting bad FBT advice?

Want to learn the 7 traps to avoid excess FBT?

We bring proactive strategies that reduce your FBT

Income tax. 

Is your company structure tax effective?  Maybe it was 5 years ago, but as regulations and times change, so should business structures.  The dropping corporate tax rate is exciting, but how much money are you losing on trapped franking credits?  Do you understand how profits flow through your structure, and the opportunities that exist to minimise tax?  We advocate paying every dollar in tax that you absolutely have to pay, but not a cent more.

Payroll tax.

Some people call it the penalty for growing your business.  Have you been told it’s unavoidable?  Sometimes it is, but there are still ways to minimise its impact on your bottom line.


So simple.  Or maybe not.  Confident it’s being accounted for accurately at all points in your business?


and the small business concessions.  The rules around related and affiliated entities, the active asset test, the Maximum Net Asset Value $6m test, goodwill counted but some IP isn’t, all so complex… almost as though they’d prefer you couldn’t navigate them.  That’s what we exist for.  We understand them, and we regularly hear from clients who have been advised they aren’t eligible – and then prove that they are.

The Incra Group secret:

We Investigate all options for you

With our commitment to thorough investigation of all options, you can be assured we are checking carefully and never resting on last years’ analysis. 

Incra Group 6 Steps

We use a simple 6-step process to make sure you pay as little tax as legally possible: 

  1. Discuss
  2. Review
  3. Strategise
  4. Scope
  5. Agree
  6. Implement 

We never miss a step and you get the best outcomes each year with the combination of process, hard work and years of training & experience.

If you’re at the point you’d like to get a second opinion or check any area of your tax affairs has been fully optimised, then we’d love to hear from you.  

Curious why family businesses from $3m – $100m in all corners of Australia trust Incra Group for advisory services and tax compliance?

Get in touch for a chat about your business and find out for yourself.

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