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CORE7 Essential Services™

We partner with Business Owners to drive business performance through our CORE7 Essential Services.™

1. Tax Optimisation

By applying our expertise and thorough understanding of tax law, our clients pay the least amount of tax legally possible.  No one likes to pay more tax then needed, and everyone deserves the peace of mind of knowing their tax matters have been handled appropriately.

2. Business Growth 

We like to work with clients that are “green & growing”.  As a growing business ourselves we understand the challenges faced and work to overcome them.

3. Building Equity

We help business owners build equity in their business and personally – equity is the only thing we will take into retirement!

4. Safeguard Assets

It is critical that your business and personal assets are structured correctly and protected from unjust claims. 

5. Cashflow Planning

Simply put, planning to ensure you never run out of cash!

6. Increasing Profits

Working with you to make the incremental changes needed to increase profits.

7. Exit Planning

Every business owner needs an exit plan.  Exit may come in varied approaches, including succession, etc, but a clearly documented plan is essential to ensuring the business can continue into the future.

Practical, Pragmatic and always in with a straight shot


…is the phrase that comes to mind with Royce. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Royce in a working relationship for over 8 years, during which time we have enjoyed sharing and bouncing ideas and strategy between us (Royce is not a fixed thinking accountant). What makes Royce stand out is his willingness to embrace new concepts in the accounts, taxation, superannuation and mergers/ acquisitions fronts.

- Lachlan Butcher

Managing Director, Treadwell Group Pty Ltd

Curious why family businesses from $3m – $100m in all corners of Australia trust Incra Group for advisory services and tax compliance?

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